Hybrid Community

One of our church council goals for the year was “to embrace our mission as an engaged and healthy faith community that meets everyone where they are, via hybridand in-person worship, faith formation and outreach.”I have to say when we adopted this goal, I had one image of how the pandemic would continue which – ahem […]

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Just Add Water

Today’s reflection comes from Mariah PepperI was given an Amaryllis plant for Christmas, and on the packaging it declares in friendly lettering, “just add water!” On the one hand this is totally ridiculous. It’s a plant, not a pancake mix. But on the other hand, it’s true! The amaryllis, like many plants, can stay dormant

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What a Year

What a year it has been for our faith community and indeed our world. In the past year, we have, in varying stages, received vaccinations and boosters to protect us and allow more physical engagement in the world. Some in our community have returned to their physical workplaces and students to their classrooms. Others have

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Waiting and Claiming

The days in between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day hold a place for waiting and celebration. November 28th marked the beginning of Hanukkah and for Christians, Advent. From November 28th to December 24th, we climb the stairs to our attics and pull out the boxes filled with all the trimmings.As we drive through neighborhoods, we witness lights trimming

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Living Our Values

Today’s reflection is from Communications and Building Manager Mariah Pepper: Something you may not know about me is that I grew up in the UCC. It’s part of why I thought this job would be such a good fit for me. I speak the language you hear around this church. For example, I remember early

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Who Is the Church?

As I reflect upon this time in our church community and indeed our world, I am reminded of a UCC phrase, “Be The Church.” We see it on banners, coffee mugs, and t-shirts. We hear it in sermons, prayers, and benedictions. I wonder how it might apply to our faith community at this time. What has it meant for

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