Join us during Advent for seasonal worship and advent events – Sunday Worship at 10am.

Everyone is invited to join us for the upcoming events during this special season.

In addition to our weekly worship service at 10, our schedule includes:

Dec 10, 10AM: Worship Service & Postlude Recital – Enjoy a postlude recital in the Sanctuary featuring our talented children and youth.

Dec 21, 7PM: Thursday Blue Christmas Service – Join us in the Sanctuary for a service designed for those who grieve or struggle during the Christmas season.

Dec 24: 3 Services at 10AM, 4:30PM, and 10PM

10AM: Christmas Eve Morning Worship – Celebrate with choir, music, and carols.

4:30PM: Intergenerational Candlelight Service – A Christmas celebration inviting all generations.

10PM: Candlelight Service – Lessons and carols featuring bells, choir, and special music with candlelight.

 We have many ways to worship together. 

In Person Worship, First Congregational Church, Bellevue
In Person
Live streamed Worship - First Congregational Church, Bellevue
Anytime Worship - First Congregational Church, Bellevue
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You are Welcome Here

It is my joy to proclaim that whoever you love, you are welcome here.
Whatever your gender identity or expression, you are welcome here.
Whatever your race or ethnicity you are welcome here.
If your pockets feel full or empty, if your heart feels full or empty, if you came on fire with faith or if you came tip-toeing over wondering if you really belong:
Come and know the love of God, which is for all people.
Come and know the love of God, which binds us together as a community and sends us out to show love to an aching world.
Come and let us be the church together.
 —LISA HORST CLARK, Lead Pastor 

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