What a Year

What a year it has been for our faith community and indeed our world. In the past year, we have, in varying stages, received vaccinations and boosters to protect us and allow more physical engagement in the world. Some in our community have returned to their physical workplaces and students to their classrooms. Others have taken the risk of travelling to spend time with family members, others to enjoy a time of vacation. In August, we were able to re-open the physical church campus and resume in person services. We have been blessed by the presence and music of our Bell Choir, filling our sanctuary and souls. In addition to our Bells, the Chancel Choir was able to resume weekly in person rehearsals and bring long awaited music to our worship services, made possible by a fully vaccinated choir and the wearing of special masks. The efforts of Staff, dedicated and committed volunteers and fulfilled pledges have allowed our church to continue its work within our faith community and the wider community as well. We have been blessed with Pastor Lisa’s sermons via video at our in person services. We held two membership classes and added individuals and families to our membership. It has been a year of the highest and lowest temperatures offering us opportunities to share our space with those in need. We look forward to continued engagement in 2022 and the live streaming of our weekly Sunday service. It is my hope that each of you will be blessed as you are a blessing to those who cross your paths.
With Great Hope,

Pastor Patty

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