Worship in 3D

Today’s reflection comes from Kristi Falkner and Darryn Quincey: We, personally, have now attended “in-person church” for four Sundays since the start on August 15th. We are so happy to be back in the Sanctuary. The greeters are there, the musicians are there and the pastors are there, Pastor Lisa via video screen and Pastor Patty in […]

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Patience and Energy

Today’s reflection comes from Office Manager Mariah Pepper:I wrote down something that Jim Bechtold (incoming Moderator) said in his prayer at last week’s congregational meeting: “may we be as patient as we need to be, and as energetic as we can be” in this period of transition. I love the pairing of patience and energy.

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Keeping Current

Many years ago, I was a member of a group whose focus was placed on keeping current with one another. We lived into this focus by sharing life’s challenges and successes with one another, reminding us that we need not face challenges alone and that our successes are achieved through community, not individuality. I am

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Today’s Reflection comes from Council Moderator Kaarin Shumate. Remember the first stage of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, when we had phases, lettered groups within each phase, and tiers within each group? I estimated that I’d be eligible for a vaccine by July. Then on April 15, vaccine eligibility suddenly expanded to include everyone 16 and

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Making Arrangements

One year ago, when I wrote the Palm Sunday reflection, I would not have imagined that we would have the “opportunity” of celebrating our second Holy Week, our second Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday Services, not to mention our second celebration of resurrection on Easter Sunday in a virtual manner.As I reflect upon those who

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Reflecting on Reopening

An Invitation to ReflectAs more and more people receive their vaccines, the question becomes, when will life return to “normal” or move to a “new normal?” Over the last year, we have heard our fair share of pandemic updates. If you are like us, you might feel allergic to any talk of numbered “phases” or “journeys to reopening.”

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Using Our Voices

Marches.  Negotiations.  Zoom Conversations.  Webinars.  Telephone Conversations.  Emails.  Texts.  Prayers.  Sermons.  Songs.  Debates.  Completing Ballots.  Standing in long lines to deliver and cast ballots.  These are some of the ways in which we exercise our voices.  We do this to convey our feelings, our concerns, our convictions and our vision for ourselves, for our families

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