Worship in 3D

Today’s reflection comes from Kristi Falkner and Darryn Quincey:

We, personally, have now attended “in-person church” for four Sundays since the start on August 15th. We are so happy to be back in the Sanctuary. The greeters are there, the musicians are there and the pastors are there, Pastor Lisa via video screen and Pastor Patty in person.  If people are comfortable with hugs, we hug. Otherwise elbow bumps or just saying “HI” works. We just love seeing everyone in 3-D.
Hearing the organ or piano live has really helped us to better connect to worship. Also, being able to hear the soloists sing live is uplifting. For us, our Music ministry is an important part of the worship experience. We are looking forward to seeing the Bell Choir in person this Sunday.
Let’s face it, people make the Church. We love to interact and be in fellowship with all our church family. Although at this time we cannot share a cup of coffee together, the ability to light a candle during the reflection has been reassuring. People linger in the Atrium and Sanctuary after church catching up with each other.
Let’s not beat around the bush, so to speak, it’s not the same as pre-pandemic. There are usually only about 15 people attending worship that don’t have a job to do: preaching, reading scripture, musicians, ushers, or the sound team. In total, the numbers range from 20-40. The good news is that you can say hi to everyone who is there and connect with each person. The bad news is that we miss others we have not seen in a very long time.For both of us, not being able to sing the hymns has been the most difficult part; we love singing hymns. We stand for the hymns as we have always done and have started just mouthing the lyrics to feel a part of each hymn. Hopefully soon we will be able to sing together again.
There are some drawbacks to attending in person, for example, you can’t watch Laura’s dancing feet on the organ pedals. Also, I must confess that during the pandemic we have been doing our laundry during services…we fold during the sermon…but don’t tell the pastors.
The experience has of course changed, but our church has NOT. We have taken a pause and now hope to see more of you soon in 3-D. We love our church family and have missed you over these last eighteen months. There is lots of room for more people to attend and remain socially distant. No need to preregister anymore – just show up on Sunday morning.
We all need to decide for ourselves when is the best time to “come back”. We enjoyed virtual services for many months and it kept us connected as a church family. But, for us there is nothing that will replace BEING in church on Sunday.
Darryn Quincey and Kristi Falkner

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