We are continuing to offer online worship, even as we start up in person worship again. Whether you are local to Bellevue or join us from far away, we would love to welcome you into our community if you’re new here. Watch a service, and if you’d like to get to know us better, fill out a visitor information form, and one of our pastors will get in touch with you. More info on our virtual church life can be found on our Virtual Church page.


In-Person Worship Services During COVID

The following COVID 19 guidelines supersede all previous guidelines approved by Council:

What to expect when you arrive

  • The wearing of masks is optional for all church events and activities.
  • Everyone is encouraged to be vaccinated or have a negative COVID test to attend worship services.
  •       When you arrive, please sign in with the usher at the Welcome table (sign-ins are used for contact tracing).
  •       From there, you’re invited to find your nametag or write your name on a nametag sticker. This will especially help with identifying people under their masks!
  •       Bulletins will be available for you to pick up from tables in from the Sanctuary doors.
  •       Find a seat in the Sanctuary with your household.
  •       Restrooms are available for your use. Please avoid creating a line – wait outside the restroom if all stalls are occupied
  • Faith Formation for children in K – 5 will begin partway through the service. Children should start church with their families and will be dismissed to the Ed Suite.


What to expect during the service

      During the Time of Reflection and Offering, you’ll be invited to come forward to light a candle, write a prayer request, or drop off an offering at the tables next to the chancel.


What to expect after the service

  •       After the Postlude, you’re welcome to move into the Atrium for a time of fellowship, Coffee, and Cookies.
  •       Please be aware that folks may not be comfortable with physical contact, and please ask before shaking hands or hugging, and respect those who feel safer saying no.


If you have any questions, please ask!

Ahead of time, contact us at 425-454-5001 or welcome@fccbellevue.org

On Sunday morning, find one of the ushers.



Come as you are

Some of us wear shorts and t-shirts, others wear suits and ties. On days when the Seahawks are playing, you’ll see lots of jerseys and even some blue and green hair! Wear whatever is comfortable for you. AWE (Alternative Worship Experience) services on the 3rd Sunday of each month are particularly casual. 

Directions and parking

Bellevue First Congregational Church Greeting

What services are like

Bellevue First Congregational Church Bulletin

Services last about an hour. When you walk in, we’ll greet you and give you a bulletin. It will show you the order of the service so you can follow along. Most services include:

  • A sermon of about 10 minutes.
  • Singing and listening to different pieces of music. An asterisk in the printed bulletin will tell you when to stand in body or spirit, and a hymn number will show which page to turn to in the black hymnal.
  • Reciting text and prayers together. The words will be printed in the bulletin, including the words for the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Passing the offering basket. There’s no pressure to give donations of any size.
  • Listening to scripture from the Bible. The words are printed in the bulletin so you can follow along.

The AWE services  on the third Sunday of each month typically have 3 short sermons, along with 3 short readings and 3 songs. 

What the music is like

You’ll hear lots of different types of music. Most Sundays, we sing a couple traditional hymns. But we incorporate lots of different styles of music into services: folk, gospel, international, classical, opera. You’ll hear a number of different instruments any given week: handbells, trombone, djembe, cello, violin, flute, and maybe even a Theremin. We’re very grateful for the number of musicians who share their talents with us, and hope you’ll enjoy the music and join in! Read more about the music ministry at First Congregational Church, Bellevue.

For kids and their grown-ups

Kids, you are part of worship! If you’re age 3 through 5th grade, there will be a point in the service when you’re invited to leave for Faith Formation activities upstairs in the Ed Suite. You can decide to go with your age-based class or stay with your families through worship. In class, you typically read a story, have a snack, and do a craft project. On the first Sunday of the month, you’ll come back in for communion and then will finish Faith Formation in the Chapel.

If you have little siblings who are under age 3, they can either stay with your family in worship, or go to the nursery for care starting at 9am and going through the end of worship.

We have activity packs at the back of the church if you’d rather be drawing or doing puzzles. We’ll also invite you up to the front for a Time With Children most Sundays. 

Cristina with children

The middle and high school youth groups meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month (middle school at 9am, and high school at 11am), and gather for social events and service days as well. Contact us for more information!

Bellevue First Congregational Church Yought Grup

Communion Sundays

On the first Sunday of every month, we come to the front of the church to take and eat a small piece of bread (or a gluten-free cracker) and then take and drink a small cup of grape juice (or water). All are welcome to join in. This ritual reminds us of the fellowship Jesus shared with his disciples. We do it to show thanks for all God does and to remember Christ’s presence. It also reminds us that we are all one in the church.

Photo of people taking Communion

Accessibility information

  • Assistive listening devices are available as you enter the service.
  • The Sanctuary is on the first floor and is fully wheelchair accessible. Accessible bathrooms are also available on the first floor.
  • On Communion Sundays, if it’s difficult for you to come to the front of the church, we’ll bring the bread and juice to you – please check in with an usher if you would like this.