The Holy Spirit Coming to a Room Near You

Dear Church,

We know that there has been a lot of talk in the news about churches pushing to gather again for in person worship. I would anticipate that we will hear more news as time goes ahead.

We feel the deep yearning to gather together, but throughout this time, deeper than that yearning has been our love for one another and the health of our community. There are unique risks to gathering in indoor spaces for long periods of time. Over the past months we have also learned that there are unique risks to many of the things that make church “church” for us, like singing, communal prayers, hugs, and sharing a time at table. We have a particular call to the most vulnerable in our communities, who would be unable to gather or feel torn about taking greater risks. In April our Church Council made the heartfelt decision to suspend in person worship until further notice, and we are continuing to focus our efforts on seeking to live into our mission of a church as we are physically at a distance.

We want to include folks however we can in remote worship—if you are having trouble connecting or if a different format of technology would be helpful for you or a neighbor, please be in touch with Pastor Patty. This Sunday is Pentecost, and we trust that the Holy Spirit will descend on us the church wherever we are (feel free to send us your picture wearing red!). We trust that Holy Spirit will continue with us, inspiring the road ahead.

Pastor Lisa

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