The Everything Room

Dear Church,
As I write you here from my living room, I am thinking of for how many of us our homes have become a place where all of our living happens. Our apartment, house, or room is now our “living space,” “sleeping area,” “workout gym,” “office setup,” “homeschool classroom,” and our screens now function as “social hall” and “escape outlet.” Wherever we are living, that’s our “everything room.”
These are a lot of changes for all of us. In line with the governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, we have closed our offices this week. I am recognizing the challenges and gifts of staying indoors, with many roles, hats and relationships in the same space. In my phonecalls I also know that this experience is marked by some by isolation and the feelings of being unable to participate in the things that make your life meaningful. I know for others, including those whose jobs call them into the care of our community, some are filled with the overwhelm of too many needs at once.
Wherever you are at in that spectrum today, I hope that we can hold onto both the why and the how. Why is it that we are going through this? To care for the most vulnerable as a community. How are we treating ourselves and those around us? With gentleness. Be as kind to yourself as you can be. You are doing a hard thing. Be as kind to those around you as you can, we together are doing a hard thing.
However this find you in your “everything room” know that God is there with you too, through your moments of joy and your moments of overwhelm, you are not alone.
I hope you can take a moment to look at the events this week, and ways that you might be called to serve in our newly extended church.
Wash your hands and know that you are loved,
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