Mustard Seeds

Today we are sharing the prayer written by our 2/3rd grade class for Children’s Sabbath, along with some photos of their wonderful worship service on February 2nd. And we are grateful for the congregation’s donation of $510 worth of coins, a total of $710 in donations going to the World Wildlife Federation, and UNICEF! (That was 50 pounds of coins, including over 976 quarters, 1770 dimes, 1308 nickels and 3283 pennies, that added up to that donation.) So many thanks to the children and those that supported them from Diana Agte, Nancy Bent, and all the Faith Formation teachers. From our small mustard seeds, God can make a home for all.


Dear God,

Thank you for loving us.

Thank you for family and friends.

Thank you for taking care of our needs: food, houses, cars, beds, clothes and more.

Thank you for freedom and thank you for parents.

Thank you for keeping us safe.

Thank you for animals and nature.

Thank you for school, libraries, and books.

Thank you for sleep.

We pray that you will give us a good year with lots of what we need.

We pray to be healthy, peaceful, and calm.

We pray for peace with our siblings and others.

Please forgive us when we don’t listen.

Please give plenty of fun, joy and food.

We pray that you will give us healthy hearts forever.


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