We think we know the story: Angels. Shepherds. Kings. Sheep. So familiar with the chain of events, we aren’t flabbergasted by it all.  And yet what strikes me every Advent is how these familiar characters were going about their everyday lives when….

When the extraordinary breaks into their lives. And they stop what they are doing to embrace the mystery, the wonder, to welcome our great big God coming up close.


The sacred chaos of organizing a Christmas pageant always brings the magic, the wonder, the excitement  of the familiar story up close (literally, so many tiny humans up in my face and lap). Tiny baby Jesus, tiny humans. They call our attention up close.  God breaks into our routine.


Our kids help us see the familiar story in new and unexpected ways.  In the silliness of the Magi as a young princess, holding hands with a policeman and pizza delivery guy might we see different characters and categories of society, coming together, to bring gifts of love and substance?


May you find a moment to be still, and maybe even be flabbergasted. And then find someone to tell what astonished you. And, extra points if you actually use the word flabbergasted.


Advent peace, joy, and hope to you,


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