Farewell from Pastor Cristina

Called to serve this congregation as the Pastor for Children and Youth, you have known me to love sacred silliness.   Such theologians as Meister Echkahrts, C.S Lewis, John of the Cross and Therese of Lisieux are some of the official sources that formed this theological perspective of mine, but really it is by interacting with the children as they bound across the atrium that I am taught over and over again God is a grand and complex truth, yet one that touches us most deeply by reaching out a hand to walk alongside us.

I find that children’s play often mirrors God’s delight and playfulness.   A simple game of hide-and-seek best illustrates a profound divine truth. Meister Eckhart, a German theologian from the 13th century, said “God is like a person who clears his throat while hiding and so gives himself away.”  God delights in being found! God can sometimes feel remote and inaccessible. But really I think God can’t resist clearing her throat, calling “READY!” from her hiding spot so as to bring us more quickly to herself. God is always hoping that people will come looking for her.


This summer as you play and seek adventure, may you continue to look for God in unexpected places and ways. And be bold in sharing the glimpses of God you have been allowed to catch. I have witnessed so many here at First Congregational Church of Bellevue!  It has been an honor and fantastic fun to serve this congregation. I am so grateful for four wonderful years together.


Cristina (and baby Pepper)

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