Were you at church Sunday, or did you listen to the livestream of Youth Sunday? I thought it was an amazing, fulfilling experience of community. I’m thankful for the youth of our church as well as for our youth group leaders who through their service helped the youth develop and realize their theme.

It got me thinking about the importance of service both to our community and to the wider community we are a part of.

It is through service of people in our community that we have communion, that we have coffee hour, that we have youth education, that we have beautifully maintained grounds, that we have Stephen Ministry and choral and bell choirs and that we have outreach and service to the wider community. Thanks to all of you that serve!

Right now, the nominating committee is identifying people to continue the tradition of service that is crucial to maintaining the community we all love. If you get a call from the nominating committee asking if you would serve, please think about how you could say yes. And if there are other ways you wish to serve, please let Mariah or Patty know. They will get you in contact with someone to work with. In whatever way you serve, not only will your community thank you, but I feel in the end you will also thank yourself for the joy you will receive through your service to the community.

Thanks, and as always, I welcome your comments (!


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