Drawing by Pastor Cristina

Drawing by Cristina Airagi

Music is an integral and valued part of our church. On some Sundays, you can see as many as 75 musicians performing in service!


Most Sundays during the school year, about 50 people sing in the choir, directed by Minister of Music Stephen O’Bent. The choir sings sacred music from both classical and contemporary composers from around the world. About every 3 years, it takes its talents on tour (New Zealand in 2005, South Africa in 2008, Peru in 2011, and Croatia in 2014). All singers are welcome to join the choir, which rehearses on Wednesday evenings as well as Sunday mornings before worship.

Photo of the choir and Discovery choir being directed by Dennis

Bell Choir

A fifteen-member bell choir practices weekly under the direction of Will Halsey and performs throughout the year. They work with five octaves of bells and five octaves of chimes. New ringers are welcome!

Photo of the bell choir

Children’s Programs

A Discovery Choir for children in kindergarten through 5th grade is led by Nancy Otness Bent, and the children’s hand chime group is led by organist Laura Ouimette. The children practice before church on Sunday mornings and perform during the worship service several times a year. Children who wish to sing in practice  but not perform are also welcome in Discovery Choir.

Photo of Discovery choir practice, directed by Nancy with Sam on keyboard

Photo of Patrick teaching children to read music in the “Lord of the Ringers” hand chime practice

Alternative Worship Experience (AWE)

A small group ensemble (specializing in contemporary music) practices weekly and performs once a month. Singers and instrumentalists of all kinds are welcome to join for occasional or regular projects.

Our church loves its musicians, and we seem to in turn attract talented musicians who fall in love with the church. We have a large number of professional and amateur musicians who participate regularly in worship as ensembles, soloists, and choir members.


We have a 1967 Casavant pipe organ that has three manuals (keyboards) and 35 ranks (sets) of pipes. It was refurbished and upgraded this year before it was installed in our new building.